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Chapman - Clan MacHine

Clan MacHine - Ian McDonough

The Sea's Invitation to Dance

Come, you with such warm blood
throbbing gently in your temples,
can you not see me shiver?
It is an ancient coldness in my veins.
Do you not hear me beat my heart
to pieces on the shore?
I have such a story to reveal –
let me dance, dance with you.
The wind will whip us into feeling.
Later we will lie below the light,
saturated, bloated with our love.
Give me your hand, your hand my dear.
Soon we will begin to waltz.


"Among the joys of Ian McDonough’s new collection is its breadth of perspective. While vividly evoking the loch-littered, sparsely populated Sutherland of his upbringing, he encompasses a rich canvas of physical and spiritual elements and relationships. His enquiring mind, lightness of touch yet seriousness of purpose and above all his warmth make this book not just highly accomplished and entertaining, but adventurous and deeply rewarding."

– Stewart Conn

Ian McDonough was born in Brora, Sutherland. He has held various jobs, some stranger than others, but now works as a community mediator. He is Convenor of Edinburgh's Shore Poets and co-edited their anthology The Ice Horses (Scottish Cultural Press). In 1999 he got a Scottish Arts Council Writer's Bursary and his poem-sequence ‘A Rising Fever’ was published in 2000. He was commissioned by the Engineering and Science Research Council and Strathclyde University to write a series of poems on particle physics. His first play 51 Pegasus was produced by Grey Coast Theatre Company. He lives in Edinburgh. Clan MacHine is McDonough's first collection.

Sept 2002, 72pp, 215 x 150 mm, pbk, ISBN-10: 1-903700-01-9 / ISBN-13: 978-1-903700-01-3 £7.70 inc p&p