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Chapman - Flood Alert

Flood Alert - Ian Crockatt


Move into sleep, now
moving, untouching,
hair, old quaint clothing
frail flags in the wind,
who touched, then
as breezes, the quick skin
of lovers, triggered the breath,
the dear bruising of love
then, move, now untouching,
in sleep now
dear old one,
flags all in tatters,
long love come to grief;
flags all in tatters,
long love come to grief.


Ian Crockatt’s poetic landscape is rich and varied. It ranges over the widest geography of human concerns and emotions. A Crockatt poem is both intense and emotionally compact. He takes on any subject, leaving a well-wrought poem which has withstood the fierce scrutiny of his own sharp West Coast sailor’s eye. His deep and sympathetic concern for people is matched by an unerring insight into the technique of poetry, without sacrificing emotional impact. He works as a senior social worker in Aberdeenshire.

Dec 1996, 64pp, 215 x 140 mm, pbk, ISBN-10: 0-906772-79-6 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-79-9 £7.00 inc p&p