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Chapman - Lure

Lure - Dilys Rose

Milk Teeth - 800BC

Observe cut marks in the ring
of neckbone where my head
was severed from my body.
Note that the milk teeth
embedded in my jawbone
show no sign of cavities.
Deduce that my head once hung
above the entrance to the cave
as a gift, an offering, a charm.
State composition of the rope
which lashed my scalp to the roof.
List constituents of the midden.
Chart the order in which I rotted.
Now imagine me alive, at play.


"Dilys Rose is one of the best and most versatile writers in Scotland, but it's her poems which interest me most. Whether she’s being sexy, or sentient, she covers a wonderful range of subjects, places, times, and characters, often with daring, always with verve and imagination. It's especially heartening to see her continuing to write so well, engaging with more experimental forms and approaches."

– Douglas Dunn

"This impressive collection succeeds on many levels. There are poems of keen insight and sympathy showing an under-study actress, a castrato recording in the 1920s, a long-lived goldfish, a maid’s garret in Paris, a bearded virgin saint; but also sound-poems presenting famous winds like the mistral and sirocco, and list-poems gathering words into groups with great brio and exuberance. This lure drawns in a surprising and varied catch."

– Edwin Morgan

Dilys Rose lives in Edinburgh. Previous publications include the short story collections Our Lady of the Pickpockets (1989), Red Tides (1993), War Dolls (1998), a novel, Pest Maiden (1999) and the poetry collections Madame Doubtfire’s Dilemma (1989) and, for young children, When I Wear My Leopard Hat (1997). She has received several awards for her writing including the first Macallan/ Scotland on Sunday short story award, two Scottish Arts Council Awards, the RLS Memorial Award and Society of Authors’ travel scholarship. She is currently Writer in Residence at Edinburgh University. Work in progress includes a second novel, a further collection of short stories and collaborative works with a musician and a visual artist.

Dec 2004, 72pp, 215 x 150 mm pbk, ISBN-10: 1-903700-07-8 / ISBN-13: 978-1-903700-07-5 £7.70 inc p&p