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Chapman - The Collected Shorter Poems

The Collected Shorter Poems - Tom Scott

The Bride

I deamed a louesome dream o ye last year
Ye stuid indawan fields agin a purpour lift
And a tree of foueran starns raise frae your croun.
Lown as a simmer sea ye stuid, your breists
Keekan throu the lintlickso your hair,
And ye were leaman wi a radiance wterne,
My ever-virgin, ever-breedan bride.
Your waddin-kiss, the warld your body is
Are forenned ayebydan in my benmaist hert
As Psyche's oil in Eros' shouther brenned.
Wap your love-spells round me evermair,
Bind me ti you wi your daethless love,
My queyn, my queen, dochter o oor God.
Lead me on throu evergrouwan licht, and be
My love, mye ain, the guide o the guid in me.
In burns o immortal rain baptise me, love.


"It’s astonishing that such a powerful and original poetic voice should have been so neglected. Tom Scott is a poet of the highest order”"

– Harold Pinter

This long-awaited collection establishes Tom Scott, an outstanding but neglected poet of the 20th century, alongside the finest writers of the Scottish Literary Renaissance. Admired by T S Eliot and Hugh MacDiarmid among others, Scott is a distinguished critic, editor of The Oxford Book of Scottish Verse, and a poet with an ambitious, challenging and uncompromising voice. The Collected Shorter Poems range from epics like ‘The Ship’, ‘Brand the Builder’ and ‘The Paschal Candill’ to epigrams and translations from Villon, Ungaretti, Baudelaire and others. Born Glasgow, 1918, his father a shipyard boiler-maker on Clydeside, the family moved to St Andrews after the 1929 slump and he worked as a labourer in his grandfather’s building firm. During WW2, he served mainly in Nigeria, and afterwards stayed 10 years in London in a literary milieu including G S Fresher, Wyndham Lewis, Kathleen Raine, Louis MacNeice and others. He also enjoyed himself as a film extra, including in Kind Hearts and Coronets. He studied at Newbattle Abbey College in 1952, then Edinburgh University, winning 1st class honours in English and a PhD on Dunbar. Unfortunately he chose thereafter to quit the public arena altogether, refusing to give readings or exercise his lovely bass voice, but, inescapably, continued to write. This is a writer long-overdue for a through reappraisal.

Sep 1993, 234 x 156mm, 208pp, pbk: ISBN-10: 0-906772-55-9, ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-55-3 £13.70 inc p&p