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Chapman - Winter Barley

Winter Barley - George Gunn

The King of the Herring

I should be dancing
I dream of flying
through the spicy
itchy air of medieval bird wings
& I would love to stick
the stars upon the firmament
which is everlasting
as Blue-tack
but I am busy here as a refugee
down on the ground
while wars are raging
in heaven
I search in the sea-loch
for the king of the herring


"He's Laureate of the Grey Coast, a man with a confident sense of place and belonging, yet restlessly driven to test and tease the language he uses, always to make it new. Gunn’s poetic gift sends him on a perpetual search for new horizons."

– aonghas macneacail

George Gunn was born and brought up in Dunnet, a village on the north coast of Caithness. The headlands, red sandstone cliffs and sweeping landscapes of Scotland’s far north inspire his poetry and form the backdrop to much of Winter Barley. From age 16 he has spent years wandering round Scotland and other parts of the world searching for whatever it is poets search for, and earning a living along the way on building sites and berry fields, fishing boats and drilling rigs, amassing the experience and imagery he is now known for. He is founder and artistic director of Grey Coast Theatre Company, based in Caithness, and is well known for his playwriting.

Apr 2006, 88 pp, 215 x 140 mm, pbk, ISBN-10: 1-903700-12-4 / ISBN-13:978-1-903700-12-9 £8.70 inc p&p