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Chapman - Ye Cannae Win

Ye Cannae Win - Janet Paisley

Neighbour Hoodwatch

Thing is, if she’s no in she’s oot.
Ay gaddin aboot. Dolled up tae the nines.
Thing is, ye’ve goattae wonder
hoo she keeps aw they weans.
Hur wi nae man. An if ye ask thaim
whit thur mither does of a nicht,
they jist look. Damn cheek.
Butter widnae melt, like. Whit we waant
is a petition. Get it stoapt.
Thing is, she disnae talk tae emmdy.
Could be up tae anyhin. Ken?


"a genuine talent for casting spells, evoking moods and exploding moments into worlds … rammed with blades of insight, sharp, economical and perjink. All this and readability too."

– Scotland on Sunday

"… acclaimed poet and dramatist, a frequent fixture on school and university curricula, mother of seven sons and practising witch, Paisley is clearly an exceptional woman. This is a a wonderful collection … Undoubtedly the finest vernacular monologues by a Stirlingshire witch to emerge so far this year."

– Books in Brief, The Scotsman

Janet Paisley is one of Scotland’s most versatile writers with a string of awards for poetry, plays, fiction, nonfiction and film. Also a script-writer for radio and TV, she writes for children and edited New Writing Scotland (ASLS). Her poetry collection, Alien Crop (Chapman New Writing Series, 1996) is now back in print. Ye Cannae Win is the first collection of her monologues which have an uncanny ability to capture the human voice and express the innermost thoughts and feelings of ordinary people. She lives in Glen Village near Falkirk in central Scotland. A writer of 20 years standing, she also spent the last 15 raising her six sons as a single parent. Her work is prolific and diverse, spanning all disciplines and has won her many prizes and awards. Her writing has been translated and published in Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Mexico.

Dec 2004, 72pp, 215 x 140 mm, pbk, ISBN: 0-906772-96-6 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-96-6 £7.95