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Chapman Issue 35-6

Issue: 35-6 - The State of Scotland: A Predicament for the Scottish Writer

A landmark, vigorous cultural/political debate about Scottish writers and Scottish identity, asking whether Scotland/being Scottish is in fact a predicament, or a blessing. Controversial, stirring responses from Alan Bold, Alasdair Gray, John Herdman, T S Law, William Neill, (on Scots) George Kerevan, (on politics), David Black, Tessa Ransford, (on women) George Gunn, (publishing) aonghas macneacail, (Gaelic) Walter Perrie, (MacDiarmid) Joyce McMillan, Andrew Noble, (the influence of Walter Scott) Alan Bruford, (The School of Scottish Studies) George Byatt, (theatre) J Maxwell Hastie (aka Carl MacDougall – something completely different), and Robert Calder. Also poetry and fiction which, directly or indirectly, addresses similar issues: Alan Riach, Iain Crichton Smith, Tessa Ransford, Raymond Ross, Colin Mackay, Christopher Whyte and … All contributors, without any nudging from the editor, individually and independently concluded that at least devolution was necessary for the survival and development of Scottish culture. A truly historical, ground-breaking edition – dubbed ‘The Loony Issue’ by those who didn’t like the political ‘message’ – and ‘brilliant’ by those who did. Reprint 1990. 120 pp, 1983, ISBN-10: 0-906772-24-9 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-24-9 £6.00