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Chapman Issue 65

Issue: 65 - Satirical Scotland

This mischievous issue carries the first appearance of Matthew Fitt’s now-legendary ‘Kate O’Shanter’s Tale’, Innis Macbeath continues his hysterically-funny linguistic slaughter of Thatcher & Co with ‘Tachair and the Thumping Majority’, James B Caird pokes fun at the deadly serious end of the Scots Language ‘movement’ in ‘The Evolution of a Lallans Poet’, and Iain Crichton Smith joins in the fun with his rib-breaking ‘Murdo and the Mod’; in serious vein, Kate Calder looks at neglected Scottish poet Norman Cameron; fiction from Matthew Fitt, Jim C Wilson, Paula Fitzpatrick and an unpublished story from George Friel; poems by Aonghas Phadraig Caimbeul, translations from Pasternak, Leopardi, Baudelaire and others by Alastair Mackie, David Purves and J K Annand, own poetry from Angus Martin, Jim Crumley and others. Plus chucklesome cartoons by Dave Smith. 104 pp, 1991, ISBN-10: 0-906772-39-7 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-39-3 £5.00