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Chapman Issue 67

Issue: 67 - Neil Gunn – Centennial Reflections

Tom Nairn sets the tone for this feature on Gunn with his trenchant essay, ‘Scottish Identity, a Cause Unwon’, which is placed in wider context by Bernard Crick’s article ‘A Tale of Four Nations’ on identity issues throughout the UK; Gunn’s nephew, Diarmid Gunn, traces the changing critical orthodoxies on Gunn over the years. There’s ‘Neil Gunn and the Criticism of T S Eliot’ by Richard Price, and ‘Socialism and Self-determination in the City Novels of Neil Gunn’ by Margery McCulloch and Neil MacCormick looks at Neil Gunn and nationalism in a unique memoir; fiction by Donald Munro and Jane Harris; poetry from Peter Mowat, Graham Fulton, Anne Frater, Harvey Holton, Simon Darragh and Alison Prince. 104 pp, 1992, ISBN-10: 0-906772-42-7 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-42-3 £5.00