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Chapman Issue 73

Issue: 73 - Iain Crichton Smith

Focuses on distinguished Gaelic/English writer Iain Crichton Smith to coincide with 12 of his poems being chosen for the SCE Higher English syllabus. There’s new fiction (including the hilarious ‘Murdo at the BBC’) and poetry by Smith there’s an in-depth interview by Bill Duncan and a study of the 12 poems by leading critic Colin Nicholson. The feature for the Centenary of the Scottish philosopher John Macmurray has articles on his life and work by Stanley Harrison, Robert Calder (‘Man and Mind’ and A R C Duncan (‘Macmurray’s Religious Philosophy’). Also new fiction and poetry from, among others, Sheena Blackhall, Christopher Whyte, (in Gaelic), translations from the 14th century Chinese by Brian Holton, Sandie Craigie who, sadly, died recently, and, among our reviewers, Michael Hulse discussing W S Graham. 104 pp, 1993, ISBN-10: 0-906772-58-3 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-58-4 £5.00