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Chapman Issue 84

Issue: 84 - George Mackay Brown: an Appreciation

“There was once an island in the north, between two oceans.” In ‘The Man on the Shore’ Brown returns to his beloved Orkney in an unpublished short story showing him at his best. William Sharpton’s interview discussing influential elements and people dates from just before Brown’s death. Tributes from Stewart Conn, Margaret Tait, Esther Garke and Gerry Cambridge. New poems bring to life tinkers and fisherman as local characters. And a special ‘minding’ of Brown by story-teller Stanley Robertson, written as only Stanley can write. Black Ace Books is ‘reviewed’, its output of books and publishing policy, by Thom Nairn. Malcolm Lobban contributes an inventively hilarious explanation of the historical relationship between England and Scotland in ‘Taming the Scots’ and there’s a scurrilous rewrite by Marion Arnott of the Samson and Delilah tale from Delilah’s point of view. Fiction and poetry from Kevins Williamson and MacNeil, Laura Hird, Valerie Thorton &c. Richly illustrated by Alfons Bytautas, Emilio Coia, Trish Edwards, Mackay Brown’s colleague ‘Spike’ and others. 104 pp, 1996, ISBN-10: 0-906772-76-1 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-76-8 £5.00