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Chapman Issue 95

Issue: 95 - Scotland into the World: Scots’ Inspiration, Home and Abroad

Edwin Morgan’s Post Office Lecture for the 1999 Edinburgh Book Festival brings forgotten literary talent back into the light. Examining the work of Helen Little, Cunningham Graham and William Lithgow, Morgan discusses the pros and cons for writers of seeking influences, ideas and themes beyond Scotland’s borders. David Hastie discusses Michel Tremblay’s Québécois plays, their Scots translations and cultural parallels, George Gunn remembers the irrepressible playwright and infamous anarchist ‘stirrer’ George Byatt and The Ed admits jealousy of Angus McFarlane’s highly original, post post- modernist philosophical analysis of ‘The Three Craws’! (She had the idea years ago, but failed to put pen to paper!) Poetry and fiction by Sheena Blackhall, Gerrie Fellows, Ian McDonough, Valerie Thornton, Billy Watt and others. Nasim Jafry exorcises a ‘vile jelly’ in a visit to the ophthalmologist, a wolf prowls Eastern Europe and Greek myths have their say. And a look back at Edinburgh Festivals. 104 pp, 2000, ISBN-10: 0-906772-93-1 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-93-5 £5.00