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Chapman Issue 104

Issue: 104 - A Party Between Six Covers. Towards The Future!

Chapman 104; A Party Between Six Covers: Towards The Future! finishes our centenary celebrations with a bang, including once again many previous contributors to the magazine, and some exciting new voices like Alastair Sim, Andrew Philip and Martin Bates. This is a must-read selection of MacDiarmid’s unpublished work, unearthed by the ever-eident John Manson. Love him or hate him, MacDiarmid is never boring and always forthright. The poems and prose give new insights into the man and his work – disturbingly relevant to our troubled times. There is a thought-provoking essay by Italian Franco Loi translated by Heather Scott, contrasting the poet and the mystic, asking fundamental questions about literature and art. Iain Crichton Smith’s Gaelic work is on display too, translated by former ICS fellow Kevin MacNeil. Other old friends include Jenni Daiches, aonghas macneacail and Lydia Robb. William Johnstone, a hugely-underrated modernist and a close friend and collaborator of MacDiarmid, is our featured artist. His abstract interpretations of MacDiarmid, together with other glimpses of the wider range of his work, make him the perfect choice for Chapman 104. The entire celebration, Issues 100-1, 102-3 and 104, is a milestone unparalleled in Scottish literature and a major achievement for a magazine. Spanning 752 pages and featuring over 200 writers and artists, it is an amazing showcase of Scottish and international writing. (All 3 Centenary issues (100-104) £25.00 inc p&p) April 2004, 144 pp, 215 x 15 mm, ISBN-10: 1-903700-08-6, ISBN-13: 978-1-903700-08-2 £6.40 inc p&p