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Chapman Issue 106

Issue: 106 - Testaments Unrequited

Our strange title, Testaments Unrequited is inspired by Alastair Reid?s wonderful essay ?Poetry and Life?, on his uncompromising aesthetic deriving from, and on Featured Artist Ian Hughes?s moving paintings and portraits on biblical themes, which asks us all to examine our trust in many accepted precepts and ?faiths?. Who is saint, who sinner, and who is genuine humanity truly vested in? We publish our first-ever sermon, by Kenneth Boyd, moved by Hughes?s portraits of Edinburgh down-and-outs to use these as his Sunday Text. We also remember the late Gael Turnbull appreciating his wide experience and understanding of so much. Gael?s activities ranged from busking aged 75 in Edinburgh High Street during the Festival, to morris dancing, arcane philosophical debates – and writing poems. There’s also Mary Seenan’s illuminating appreciation of N Brysson Morrison, a neglected and unsung Scottish writer. Unfairly marginalised for decades, she is at last getting the respect she deserves. Scottish writing is definitely not an all-male affair! D S Mackenzie’s story ‘The Wade Letter’ gives unique insight into that redoubtable general. nd Jim Paterson’s ‘Watching the Buses’ powerfully probes a troubled soul and Angus McFarlane proves that the teacher’s lot is not an ‘appy’ one. New writers include Nick Melville, Michael Venditozzi, Daniel Davies, Carol Christie and Errol Scott, and Magi Gibson is back with an unforgettable new long poem. And the Ed gets an Hon Doc! April 2005, 144 pp, 215 x1 50 mm, ISBN-10: 1-903700-11-6, ISBN-13: 978-1-903700-11-2 £6.40