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Chapman Issue 52

Issue: 52 - Tribute to J F Hendry

(No relation to the editor!) poet, novelist, critic, Russian expert and founder of The New Apocalypse ‘school’, by Robert Calder, an essay on Hendry’s work, ‘Man, Poet and Thinker, from Calder and memoirs from Jack Withers and Adam McNaughtan plus unpublished fiction and poetry by Hendry. Donald Campbell writes on Theatre in the Community and Valerie Thornton on Film and TV in Scotland; part I (cont) of our serialisation of Sorley MacLean’s The Cuillin (see No 50-1, out-of-print list); fiction from Janice Galloway and Thornton; poems and a fable by James Robertson, poetry by R Buchanan Smith and Tessa Ransford. 96 pp, 1988, ISBN-10: 0-906772-14-1 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-14-0 £5.00