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Chapman Issue 85

Issue: 85 - Stoned Alive!

Michael Forsyth’s announcement that the Stone of Scone (or Destiny) was to return to Scotland surprised most people. “It is alarming how ignorant most Scots are about their own history”, says John Ritchie and Robert Brydon’s humorous but critical view of this long-awaited ‘relocation’, ‘Shadow of a Dream’. aonghas macneacail’s poem ‘lia fàil’ and an update by John Hamilton of the famous ‘Wee Magic Stane’ song also record the Stone’s impact on Scotland. Brent Hodgson and Hamish Wallochie’s ‘daft’ Scots poems contrast with Donald Murray’s stories about Scottish life as seen by Gorbachov and J Edgar Hoover! New work by George Bruce, W N Herbert, Yvonne Claire, Jenni Daiches, Peter McCarey etc. 104 pp, 1996, ISBN-10: 0-906772-81-8 / ISBN-13: 978-0-906772-81-2 £5.00